Hanover St Wall –Restoration update

#1 May 2024
Works on the wall received approval and commenced at the end of February, with completion expected by the end of September 2024.

After securing the site behind a large street hoarding, contractors begun dismantling the wall by hand and small machinery. Fortunately, the majority of the original hawthorn bricks were salvageable, except for those in two newer sections of the wall that had been rebuilt in 2007 with high strength concrete mortar. The bricks have been cleaned and stockpiled, while we await a final count to determine how many will need to be sourced and replaced.

Our large elm and peppercorn trees that lined the northern wall were carefully cut down revealing the entire north side of the building for the first time in nearly 90 years, with root removal recently completed to make way for the next critical phase of works, excavation for new stormwater drainage system, concrete footing & retaining wall to be completed in the weeks ahead.