Renovation and improvement projects 

The Cairo Flats Owners Corporation is committed to the conservation, maintenance and improvement of this important heritage-listed site.

Hanover Street wall project
The wall dates from the 1870's when the site was occupied by Uxbridge House. The wall was retained as the north boundary wall after the construction of Cairo Flats in 1936.Since then, trees, soil, water and time have all exerted pressure on the wall causing it to bend and tilt.  Repairs are required to footings, brickwork, drainage and landscape. The wall will be dismantled brick by brick and once footing and drainage works are complete, will be carefully rebuilt under the guidance of our heritage consultants, and in line with the Heritage Victoria permit already obtained for the works.
A contractor for the works has now been engaged with plans to establish a site enclosure in the coming weeks. We will be updating the Blog as the project progresses with photos and comments. 

Stay tuned.

For further information
If you are likely to be affected by the works and have any queries or concerns, please contact Mayfield Owners Corporation Managers on 03 9645 9981 or email